7. Tipologia aceites

El Olive oil is classified depending on its organoleptic properties and physicalchemical characteristics. Nowadays, the most well-known classification is that established by the European Union, which distinguishes four categories of olive oil for marketing purposes:

Extra virgin olive oil
This is the highest quality oil, obtained directly from olives in good condition using only mechanical procedures. With an impeccable taste and aroma free from defects, its degree of acidity cannot exceed 0.8º. It is an oil that retains all its sensory characteristics and health properties and can be considered an olive juice without additives or preservatives. CASTELANOTTI only sells EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

Virgin olive oil
This oil is of a lower quality than extra virgin. In terms of the production methods, the quality parameters are the same as those used for extra virgin olive oil and the oil is obtained only using mechanical processes. However, its maximum degree of acidity is 2º. It has no additives or preservatives.

Olive oil
This is a lower quality oil obtained from virgin oils and oils refined through chemical processes. The degree of acidity of this olive oil cannot be greater than 1.5º. The virgin oil content in the production of this oil tends to be between 10% and 20%.

Olive-pomace oil
Pomace Oil is the lowest quality oil suitable for consumption. This oil is a result of refining the pomace through chemical means. Pomace is a solid residue from pressing the olives which still contains between 3% and 6% of oil. After being mixed with virgin olive oil this becomes an olive-pomace oil whose degree of acidity cannot be greater than 1.5º.

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