Venta de Aceite de oliva virgen extra
Aceite de oliva de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procesos mecánicos.

Spanish olive oil exporting suppliers

Do you want to import Spanish olive oil?

As olive oil exporting suppliers we facilitate the entire import process. We have special conditions for importers.

Trusted Spanish oil suppliers

Every year we reserve a large part of our production of extra virgin olive oil for export.

International olive oil exporters

In Castelanotti Oils we export extra virgin olive oil of our varieties Arbequina, Picual and Koroneiki worldwide. We are currently present in Canada, Russia, United States, Colombia, Romania, France, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy, Bosnia and Sweden.

Do you want to import Spanish olive oil?

In Castelanotti Oils we facilitate the entire import process. We have special conditions for importers.

Import quality extra virgin olive oil

Thanks to an exhaustive quality control, from the production of olive oil to the arrival at destination, Castelanotti Oils can guarantee a first-class product, especially appreciated by Gourmet consumers.

International recognition

Our brand is already recognized in 14 countries. Throughout the world our oil is present in shops, establishments specializing in gourmet products, supermarkets and homes.

Quality and reliable exporters

After 19 years exporting our extra virgin olive oil we can guarantee excellence in the commercial and export processes of olive oil. All our international clients are highly satisfied.

Differential product

It is easy to find extra virgin olive oil almost everywhere in the world, however, high quality monovarietal oils are not very common. Our olive oil has the differential value of being 100% monovarietal, a claim for a demanding consumer anywhere in the world.

Know the facilities

If you want to import Spanish olive oil and you are visiting our country, you can visit our facilities and see first hand the product we can offer you, as well as the production techniques we use.

If you want to visit our facilities you just have to contact us through the following ways:


Avda. Conde Vallellano, 7
14004 Córdoba
Tel. & Fax:+34 957 296 557
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Ctra. Écija-La Rambla, KM 12,5
14546 Santaella (Córdoba, Spain)
TEL. +34 957 313 631
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