The Ministry of Agriculture, offered last Thursday at the Royal Theater in Madrid, an oil tasting, chaired by Queen Letizia, in which the companions of the heads of state and government who met at the NATO Summit, which was held last week in Madrid, were able to taste the winning oils in the Food of Spain awards. The star of the occasion was the tasting of the renowned Alimentos de España, with special emphasis on the extra virgin olive oils. Those present had the opportunity to participate in a captivating guided tasting, focusing on the three award winners in the categories of sweet green fruity, bitter green fruity and ripe fruity. The international guests appreciated the different nuances that characterize these exquisite oils, which enjoy great prestige in Spain’s rich gastronomy due to their quality and diversity. It was also emphasized that olive oil is a fundamental pillar of the acclaimed Mediterranean diet, recognized as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Among the oils tasted was Castelanotti Oil, winner in the ripe fruity category, distinguished by its intense fruitiness, with ripe notes of apple, banana and almond. It highlights notes of nuts, cinnamon and vanilla. In the mouth it is sweet and almondy and slightly bitter and spicy. You can read more information about this news in CanalSur, El periódico de España, El Día de Córdoba, Andalucía Información, Ecomercio Agrario

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