Venta de Aceite de oliva virgen extra
Aceite de oliva de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procesos mecánicos.


Production and market of extra virgin olive oil

The corporate purpose of Agrodelpa S.L. is to produce and market extra virgin olive oil through cultivating olive groves with its own resources.


Since the company’s creation in 1992, its mission has consisted in making, using its own production, an extra virgin olive oil with a focus on the quality and excellence of the oil.


The company’s long-term vision is to continue producing oil of the utmost quality, adapting ourselves to the needs of all our customers, developing the internationalisation process and contributing to economic and social growth.


The company takes full advantage of all the olives that arrive at the press in order to obtain different products from them. This includes everything from an oil of exceptional quality to the preparation of fuel for boilers made from olive stones, not forgetting the production of compost which is reused to fertilise the earth. In this way, thanks to the use of its resources, the San Andrés olive press manages to contribute to the development of the region and the sustainability of the planet.