Venta de Aceite de oliva virgen extra
Aceite de oliva de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procesos mecánicos.

Koroneiki Olive Oil

Koroneiki 100% monovarietal extra virgin olive oil is difficult to find in Spain as it is often used to mix with other oils. In this case we present monovarietal oils Koroneiki in its purest form.

Koroneiki extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the olive variety of the same name, which is native to Greece where it occupies a large part of the cultivated olive area.

It is an oil of an exceptional and very balanced quality that is beginning to spread in Spain because the Koroneiki olive tree has a great capacity to adapt.

When collected shortly before its optimum ripening point, envero, the oil also provides aromas of almond and green grass. This is our case since from its cultivation in our farms to the packaging we control the quality to the smallest detail. Everything goes through the San Andres Oil Mill.

Koroneiki oil characteristics

The oil produced is fruity with a good balance between bitter and spicy when it is young oil. Thanks to this it is a good oil to start in the consumption of crude oil.
It has a high content of polyphenols and oleic acid, so it is a very stable oil that withstands high temperatures very well. These polyphenols also make their aroma very pronounced.

Koroneiki oil consumption

Its consumption is recommended in raw, in dishes where the oil does not have to be the protagonist or in taking it only with toasted bread. The result is spectacular in salads, toasts, with sweet desserts and even to make pizza doughs or water them once baked.