You can buy extra virgin olive oil almost anywhere, but if you want monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, and discover the experience that it is, you are in the right place.

Welcome to our online store. All our extra virgin olive oils are made in our family mill and are sent directly to your home. Here you can buy monovarietal extra virgin olive oil, Arbequina, Picual or Koroneiki varieties and have them in a very short time.

What should you take into account to buy the best extra virgin olive oil?

The kind of flavor you're looking for

Choosing an extra virgin olive oil with a flavor according to your tastes is fundamental, this will guide you to choose between Arbequina, Picual or Koroneiki.
Arbequina is very smooth and aromatic, perfect for sauces (as it emulsifies very well) and other dishes where the flavor of the oil should not stand out, or for those people who do not like spicy points in the oil.
Picual, however, is very powerful, perfect for people who love the taste of oil and ideal for dressings as it will combine perfectly with vinegars and powerful flavors. If you love raw oil on toasted bread, this is your safe choice.
Koroneiki is an intermediate point between the two, very balanced and as it withstands high temperatures very well, it will even hold up to frying meat, fish or vegetables.

The level of consumption at home

The packaging is fundamental so that from the first moment to the last drop you enjoy the extra virgin olive oil you have chosen. That is why at Castelanotti we package our varieties in different volumes and materials:

If you consume a lot of oil at home, any type of format will suit you since you will not give it time to oxidize or lose properties. In this range of use you could choose any PET container, either liter or 5 liters, depending on consumption.

If the consumption is only high, daily for example in toast, you will need a dark and practical container, such as 750, 500 or 250 ml bottles in opaque glass. This will make it easy to serve and will hold up well on the kitchen counter because the dark glass will retard oxidation.

You don’t consume too much but you want to have oil for the whole year: then don’t think twice, the can is the ideal format for you. Thanks to the fact that it will not let light pass through at all, it will keep its properties longer. You can always have a more convenient container to serve it and keep it in the kitchen.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina, Picual or Koroneiki

EVOO is one of the fundamental points of our gastronomy, a sign of identity in Spain and even more so in the Mediterranean.

Spanish olive oil is recognized worldwide and in fact it is one of the most exported products.

Types of olive oil

The type of oil is important and its knowledge is fundamental so that the consumer is not misled.

Extra Virgin

An extra virgin olive oil is one that is obtained only from olives in perfect condition and that preserves 100% of its properties thanks to the fact that the juice is extracted only by mechanical processes. Its acidity does not exceed 0.8º.


This has less quality and therefore lower price. It is an oil that, although it has been extracted by mechanical processes, can reach acidity levels of 2º

Olive oil

This is the lowest quality oil we usually find in the market. It is oil obtained by mixing virgin and refined oil through different chemical processes. In reality, the content does not usually exceed 20%

Price of olive oil

Having seen the different typologies, it is easy to identify where the price difference lies. Yield and quality are at odds in the oil extraction process and therefore the higher the quality, the lower the yield and the higher the price.

Even so, from Aceites Castelanotti we choose to offer a gourmet quality in our single variety oils arbequina, picual and Koroneiki, maintaining reasonable prices and in accordance with the experience you will enjoy at home.

Not only is it a delight to the palate, but it also provides great health benefits.

Health benefits of the Andalusian liquid gold

Polyphenols, in which they are especially rich, are the key to their tremendous health benefits on multiple fronts.

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease: Oleic acid helps eliminate “bad cholesterol” and improves circulation significantly, even improving blood pressure.
  • Improves diabetes: It is still under study but according to the magazine Diabetes Care, the Mediterranean diet, of which the best quality oil is the protagonist, could be responsible for a reduction of 50% in cases of Diabetes II. We must not forget that the fats contained in olive oil are healthy (taken in moderation)
  • Effects on skin and hair: Nutrition is essential for skin and hair. Thanks to the fact that the oil has a large amount of vitamins E and K, it is a good weapon against aging. Keep in mind that these vitamins act as antioxidants and maintain elasticity.

Calories in olive oil

Olive oil, in fact, has a high concentration of calories, however, they are unsaturated fats, natural and provide other benefits.

The calories contained are among the few that, although they count in the diet, produce many more positive than negative effects.

Do you already know more about this topic? You just have to decide which variety you want to buy.

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