Venta de Aceite de oliva virgen extra
Aceite de oliva de categoría superior obtenido directamente de aceitunas y sólo mediante procesos mecánicos.
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Arbequina olive oil

Arabequina extra virgin olive oil is our specialty. Monovarietal oils, 100% arbequina.

With this selection of products at the best price you can have pure Arbequina oil at home, without coupages and controlled quality from production to arrival at your home.

Arbequina oil characteristics

The Arbequina variety produces a very sweet, very little bitter oil. If it has a spicy aftertaste that indicates that it is fresh and well preserved oil. It can be said that it is a mild and very aromatic oil.
For these characteristics they are highly appreciated, especially for those who do not like spicy oils.

Know about Arbequina


Since it is a mild oil, it can be used practically for everything, however, for its fruity aromas, we recommend it in salads with fruit, jams or for dishes in which it does not interest that the bitter taste of the oil cover other nuances, such as mayonnaise, very sour dressings or even for pastries

For this oil, since it has more polyunsaturated acids, we recommend dark containers that maximize its conservation, or the canned container, with which the preservation of this extra virgin Arbequina olive oil is maximum.