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Arbequina olive oil

Arabequina extra virgin olive oil is our specialty. Monovarietal oils, 100% arbequina.

With this selection of products at the best price you can have pure Arbequina oil at home, without coupages and controlled quality from production to arrival at your home.

Arbequina oil characteristics

The Arbequina variety produces a very sweet, very little bitter oil. If it has a spicy aftertaste that indicates that it is fresh and well preserved oil. It can be said that it is a mild and very aromatic oil.
For these characteristics they are highly appreciated, especially for those who do not like spicy oils.

Know about Arbequina

Other varieties of Spanish olive oil


Since it is a mild oil, it can be used practically for everything, however, for its fruity aromas, we recommend it in salads with fruit, jams or for dishes in which it does not interest that the bitter taste of the oil cover other nuances, such as mayonnaise, very sour dressings or even for pastries

For this oil, since it has more polyunsaturated acids, we recommend dark containers that maximize its conservation, or the canned container, with which the preservation of this extra virgin Arbequina olive oil is maximum.

There is a great variety of olive oils depending on the variety that is used for its elaboration and among these, arbequina is one of the ones that has gained the most profits in recent years.

It should be borne in mind that not all varieties are the same and each one presents a series of qualities and disadvantages, specific to whether or not they are extra virgin olive oils or others of less quality such as virgin oil or olive oil. Marc.

Each variety has amounts of fatty acids and a characteristic flavor.

The Arbequina olive variety has spread rapidly in recent years through the olive groves and is currently cultivated in the full practice of the territory.

Regarding Arbequina Olive Oil, when we talk about a monovarietal oil, we can detect a great freshness and a young and green oil can be detected quickly, however, it is an oil very prone to oxidation and quickly loses speeds. We will detect in its aroma the nuances of the green field, the leaf and even tomatoes and almonds, aromas of olives that are collected at a very early stage of maturation.

Recommendations for the use of Arbequina olive oil

As we have said, it does not respond well to oxidation, so it is not recommended to use it for frying or processes in which high temperatures are applied. The ideal is to consume it in cold or in elaborations in which we do not want the taste of the oil to stand out much.

  • Ideal oil for sauces: Arbequina olive oil has a very good density and a taste that neither itches nor bitter, making it the perfect oil to make soft emulsified sauces, such as mayonnaise.
  • Salads: when dealing with a dense oil, it will be enough with a small amount to provide softness and bind the flavors. It is advisable not to use it with vinaigrettes to identify it completely.
  • Perfect for breakfast: especially for children, a great way to introduce children to the consumption of olive oil, which is usually much more than other varieties with more intense flavors.
  • Special pastry oil: as with sauces, the emulsion capacity of Arbequina oil makes the doughs more homogeneous and juicy.

Why is Arbequina olive oil so appreciated?

In addition to its flavor, being a dense oil and with great properties, they can generally be in mixtures to get contributions to the coupage, freshness and reduce the itching and bitterness of other varieties that are usually the predominant ones.

In restoration it is also a highly demanded oil, especially in haute cuisine, where recipes usually carry emulsions and need high quality oils that meet their expectations and needs.

Where find Arbequina olive oil?

It is difficult to find it in supermarkets, in fact there are few who sell it and the main reason is its rapid oxidation and lack of care in storage by large chains.

In Castelanotti we have it perfectly preserved and therefore here you can buy Arbequina olive oil of first quality and in optimal condition.

We recommend you buy the right amount to consume in a period not exceeding one month and a possible service in dark packaging that helps the light does not penetrate.

Arbequina or Picual?

The question is frequent but these are two completely different oils that, in addition, usually have different uses. While Arbequina oil is very soft and fresh, the picual has much more pronounced flavors, with a more intense bitterness and itching.

There is no better or worse one while the olive is of good quality and the cold sea extraction process to maintain all its properties. Everything depends on the taste of each person and the use they want to give.